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Close Harbour Seafood – Plantsville, Connecticut

Lobster Roll at Close Harbour Seafood Plantsville, Connecticut

I could‏ best explain this roll as a case of false advertising.  I was very excited to try this roll because on their website, there is a large photo of a fab looking lobster roll that clearly shows a whole split tail, both halves, not cut up.  Sadly, not only was there no whole tail, but no tail meat at all.  Major letdown.  This is not to say that it wasn’t a good roll, it was.  Chunky, buttery, not soggy, came with yummy fries that are kind of crusty, in a good way.  It was the discrepancy between the photo and the actual that really made me grumpy.  Also, not a lot of atmosphere here.  It’s a cute little restaurant and fish market inside, but from the outside, it’s in a less than desireable spot and hard to find.  They do have a hot king crab roll, sounds good.  When writing this, I checked out their website again and the photo of a lobster roll with large tail meat is still there.  They even have a video now that shows how they make a perfect lobster roll and they clearly include tail meat.  Grr, it looks so good in the video, it makes me want to try it again to see if maybe I just caught them on a day they were out of tail meat…maybe.

Visited August 2010

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  1. Love their lobster rolls. I’m someone who would rather have a roll full of claw and knuckle meat. I think it tends to be much sweeter. The tail meat in hot lobster rolls can also be over cooked and become chewy.