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City Fish – Wethersfied, Connecticut

Hot Lobster Roll at City Fish Wethersfield, Connecticut

I’ve had this roll b‏efore, got turned onto it by my boss and must say it’s one of my faves in CT, close to home, open year round, easy.  One reason I love it is that they use a steak/hoagie/sub roll instead of the usual wonder bread hot dog roll.  I am a big fan of alternate rolls.  I feel like they really set a roll apart as unique.  I don’t like a roll that competes with the lobster, I just prefer a more artisan roll, idealy from a local bakery or something, just not out of a grocery store bag.  I also feel the wonder bread roll is really not sturdy enough to hold up to a lobster roll and especially not a hot one.  Anyway, the roll is good and makes for a huge roll.  I would really call it more of a hoagie/grinder.  You could split this and not feel deprived, particularly with the included side of fries or chowder, both of which are good choices.  The meat includes hunks of tail and claw and is almost entirely free of spongy pieces, just a few to add color.  Usually super delish, but on its off days, could use more butter and at times can be a bit overcooked and chewey.  They make cold with mayo or hot with butter and both are great.  Can take out or eat in the nice dining room where you can get a beer.  This is also where I go to get my picked lobster meat if I’m in the mood for making my own.  Really love this place and feel it doesn’t get enough attention in the lobster roll review circuit because it is well off the shore areas.  Yum, more for me!

Visited August 2010 and many other times

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