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Stonebridge Restaurant – Milford, Connecticut

Lobster Roll at Stonebridge Restaurant Milford, Connecticut

After reading an artic‏le about how the hot lobster roll was invented in Milford, we decided to check out the reccomended places.  This place had parking and parking is a little tough to find in this town.  This is a huge hotspot, bands, bouncers, very fun.  We ate at the inside bar, which was quiet.  This lobster roll was very delish, I usually get annoyed if there is no tail in the roll, but this was so delish, I forgot to get annoyed.  Hot, whole butter coated claws with the spongy parts trimmed off.  Delightfully grilled buttered split top roll.  Pure melt in your mouth delishiousness.  I thought it might be tough to top until I tried Ken’s lobster grilled cheese, wow.  The same amount of buttery lobster chunks as the roll, but sandwiched between grilled bread and three melty cheeses brie, cheddar and, I think, swiss.  I was thinking that cheese might overpower or compete with the lobster, wrong, it was the prefect complement.    I will be back here.

Lobster Grilled Cheese at Stonebridge Restaurant Milford, Connecticut

Visited August 2010

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